You need to focus on business only, rest your Account and VAT. We will take care. We manage your monthly financial statements and expense. We keep your sales-purchase record and filing the VAT on time.VAT- Value Added Tax is an indirect Tax which will paid to government.
As per UAE Federal TAX Authority, a fixed 5% VAT is applied on the goods and services. The registered business receives the refund for this tax.
In Our Scope of work, we server for our small business clients with the filing of vat. We keep record for their respective sales and purchase in our accounting software. Create the reports on monthly basis or as required. Fill the VAT on behalf of them by submitting required reports.
Our clients need to do their business only. The invoicing record, purchase record they not need to worry. We manage all for them in easy step.
Come to us. Start your accounting database record with us. Do your business and we will take care your VAT filling needs.

Who can apply/register for VAT?
A business should register for VAT if their respective taxable purchase and sale exceed the mandatory registration threshold of 375,000 AED.
A business can also choose to register for VAT voluntarily under two conditions:

  1. If the sale/purchase of the business are less than the mandatory registration threshold, but greater than the voluntary registration threshold of AED 187,500.

  2. If expenses of the business exceed the voluntary registration threshold. This opportunity is designed to enable start-up businesses with no turnover to register for VAT.


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